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No Certain Home

Marlene Lee

It is respectfully requested that Agnes Smedley, of Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York, be placed on the regular Censorship Watch List, and submissions of all communications and telephone conversations to, from, or regarding her be forwarded to the Bureau.

Edgar Hoover, 1945


‘A fascinating story, and a wonderful book.’  Alex George, author of A Good American

 ‘The novelist’s portrayal of Smedley’s emotional life, especially her love life, is powerful.’ Stephen R. MacKinnon,  co-author of Agnes Smedley: Life and Times of an American Radical.


From a tenant farm in Missouri, to the mines of Colorado, to the mountains of China—and into the files of the FBI.

This is the true story of Agnes Smedley, an extraordinary woman who transcended personal hardship to become an international journalist.  From the caves of Northwest China, where she was the only Westerner who lived with the leaders of the Chinese Red Army after their Long March, she described the Chinese Communist movement to the West.  Despite personal loneliness and romantic and sexual disappointment, she earned the love and respect of those who knew her and understood that China would become an important player on the world stage.

A novel about an American radical and an independent, passionate woman.


Publication date: 8th April 2016